Security In Ancient Religion.

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Mysteries and uncertainties in day-to-day life have changed a lot since ancient times. The main reason for people following religion has remained exactly the same though. I believe this 'main reason' is to comfort their uncertainties and find answers to the many mysteries of life. We have to understand that scientific knowledge is far more advanced now than when people believed in the gods of Mount Olympus over two thousand years ago. There seemed to be no other explanation for the way things were. As modern people we may believe that belief in this immortal family of gods is somewhat irrational. We must appreciate though, that modern concerns explained by the existence of our new almighty God may be looked on in this same way by the people of the future.

The lives of the ancients were far different to ours now. Therefore, their concerns were also very different. Back then, extreme weather and natural disasters had to be explained by angry Olympian gods. We now understand that extreme weather and natural disasters happen for scientific reasons (not because of angry gods) but the fear of our existence after life still has to be numbed with belief that we will go to a 'better place'. It would be far more common for women to die while giving birth back then so there would almost certainly have been a prayer to Artemis, Goddess of childbirth before going in to labor. This would hopefully ensure that the baby was born trouble-free.

When a newborn baby was first taken out of the women's quarters and into the oikos (home) there would be a special ceremony. The ceremony would ensure that Hestia, the goddess of the hearth (heart of the oikos) would now take care of the baby. This idea is not alien...