Security Assessment: Network Proposal

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I have been asked to perform a security assessment of the local police department's incident reaction capability, focusing on the lack of technology integration at the street officer's level. Policing responsibilities are getting larger and more complex; therefore, the use of technology will enhance the operational efficiency of the street officers.

During this assessment I found that the street officers do not have the technologies, such as global positioning systems, digital imaging for fingerprints, personal computers, mobile telephones, and video cameras (NIJ, 2004). The focus will be on the needs assessment and requirements analysis, local database integration, and data retrieval through the use of Intranet-based technology. Giving police officers the ability to access information in their patrol cars can be done by mobile computing and wireless data communications. When the police officers in the street connect to the intranet services, information is available on their wired network from virtually anywhere.

Because wireless communications uses radio frequencies, it is referred to as RF communication. Wireless communication can be broadcast over a wide area and to a large number of users (Foster, 2005).

Digital wireless communications make data accessibility to mobile patrols a reality, and it also transmits information in digital form from a source that generates the information to other destinations (Foster, 2005). Binery digits are used to build up a binery code that is necessary for communication (Foster, 2005).

The most important factors to consider is the performance of a mobile computing application in a wireless environment are: bandwidth, network, security, and costs (Foster, 2005). The number of frequencies in a channel is called the channel's bandwidth. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decides the channel grouping and the number of frequencies in a channel (Foster, 2005). Whit more bandwidth, the more information a channel can handle, so in wireless communications...