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On September 11,2001 a great tragedy occurred in the United States of America. Two of the plains used in this terrorist act sadly originated at Boston's Logan airport. In response to the fact that the terrorists got through Logan without any detection Governor Jane Swift started an immediate overhaul of how security is handled at the airport.

I believe the most terrifying fact about the occurrences on that fateful day was that the terrorist did not break any of the security procedures. That is the main reason that the system needed a complete remodeling.

There were multiple changes that were implemented with the reopening of the airport. Some changes were only temporary including a ban on parking in terminal B because of its location; curbside check-in for all fights was also banned. Passenger's shoes were now being checked for explosives. Knives of any kind no matter what shape or size were no longer allowed in the cabin.

Only same-day ticketed passengers are now allowed through checkpoints. With these and many other new steps involved in the process of security it was then recommended to allow two hours or more to pass through to your gate.

Many items are no longer allowed in the cabin of the airplane now; they will be confiscated at the security checkpoints. Some of the items seem a little out of the ordinary but are still necessary for guaranteed protection of the passengers and crew of the airlines. For example corkscrews, screwdrivers, metal scissors with pointed tips, toy weapons, and even transformer toy robots are no longer permitted. No matter what size these items are they are not being allowed pass security checkpoints, but most are allowed in checked luggage.

In the months after 9/11 many security lapses occurred at Logan. On September 27, 2001...