Seeing is Believing

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Truth; a concept that society has been continuously attempting to find, and once it does, it desperately attempts to redefine it, obviously, as they did not approve of what that truth, whatever it was, ended up being. It is in people's nature to attempt to hide aspects of reality, so that they can hide from the reality itself, and hopefully (though highly unrealistically) make their dream a reality. Unfortunately for those ill fated enough to believe their own lies, this is not the case. Reality catches up to the fastest runner, finds the best covert mole, and seeps into the mind of even the most delirious of the lot. As far as lies go, there are many kinds that can be used, depending on their purpose, and Margaret Atwood's Bluebeard's Egg does a successful job in depicting at least the three essential types of deceit; lies to one's self, lies to society, and society's lies to its people.

Seeing as arguing which came first would be as fruitful as the argument of the chicken and the egg, this essay will simply take them in the order listed.

Lying to one's self is possibly the most dangerous way to self-destruction, as it is impossible to see problems even as they arise, nor be in the mindset to correct them. The main story in the Bluebeard's Egg shares the title of the book, and is depicted on the cover. There you see a striking young woman holding a beautiful blue egg, she is looking down at the egg in condescension, and superiority. This theme echoes throughout the story, as the narrator, Sally, talks of her husband, Ed. Edward, in her mind, is an extremely attractive man who, unfortunately, lacks much in the intellect department. She speaks of him with extreme arrogance...