Seeing things differently/An essay about the way men and women see the sport of football.

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Men and women look at football in two very different ways. Men look at football as a way of life. Two opposing forces battle on the gridiron to determine who is the best, strongest, and the smartest. It is an exciting sport where man joins with fellow man to bond and have a good time. They spend countless hours watching the games and learning every possible statistic and maneuver. The more avid male fans spend huge amounts of money to see their favorite teams play at stadiums. They view this as a wise investment so that they can enjoy a more up-front and exhilarating experience. Some men try to keep their wives or girlfriend's away while they are watching the game, much to the women's dismay, I'm sure.

Women, on the other hand, look at football as a childish game of nonsense. I, for one, don't understand why they would think that.

Why would anyone not want to watch a group of men in tight pants run around throwing and catching an oblong ball, while trying not to get pummeled into the ground? It would also seem that the sport would attract more women than men since the men are always slapping each other's butts or engaging in other macho sexual acts. Women think the time and effort spent on this game could be used much more wisely, like shopping, for example. The money spent on tickets, stadium parking, beer, and food could be spent on something important, such as a Chanel suit or Anne Klein shoes. After all, a mere football game lasts only hours, but a pair of designer shoes may be worn for several seasons. Watching grown men bash heads or shopping for the perfect shoes---is it really a question?

Football offers enjoyment for one side of...