Seeking Refuge in Australia-Australia's legislation

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The issue of illegal immigration is a topic that is very relevant in current society. Such an issue, which has evoked many standpoints within the community, is one to be handled diplomatically. Australia's current legislation of so called illegal immigrants (people who enter Australia without a visa) is inappropriate and must be amended forthwith as it imposes on refugees' internationally given right to seek asylum and imposes on their rights as individuals. In giving an accurate analysis of this matter, many aspects must be taken into consideration. What is occurring in Australia currently will give understanding to why there needs to be legal guidelines. Examining what is presently the law will critique current legislation. In order to thoroughly scrutinize the current law it is vital that relevant legal application and their implications are identified. Illegal immigration is a societal problem that affects many individuals and gives rise to conflicting arguments.

These conflicting arguments will be investigated. Furthermore, considering an alternative solution that can be socially justified that resembles justice, fairness and equity to all, will hopefully bring some resolve to such a controversial legal issue.

Each year thousands of people throughout the world leave their home country looking for a better life in Australia, fleeing poverty, persecution and other human rights violations. The 1951 United Nations Convention, relating to the Status of Refugees, defines a refugee as a person who has fled his or her country because of "a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion" (Edmund, 2001). Since 1981 there have been thousands of non-Australian movements across Australia's borders (Smith, 2001). Usually these are people who have escaped war. In recent years, most quota refugees have come from Iran and Iraq, which have been in various...