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Then gaius went with a leap over the Green River at the door of the tree houses, the Green was flashing, clear in the sunlight when he passed over it, tillens shadow blessed the water for a short moment afterwards also. They ran to catch the ox cart, haver sacks bouncing, filled with lunch and valuables, not the treasures that once adorned the hiding wall nooks back home, these were things man and creature could use in trade, trade for life itself, these were money, the money gaiuses parents had given him, and the same for tillen also, it was gold, and silver coins, and copper, more in abundance than that of the others, because it was the payments that the bedwigs and tuckertons received for their respective labors. tillen swung up into the wagon by way of tail gate, but gaius went farther on, and got in on the ox harness, lept onto drivers bench, as only a farmer can do.

?soon we will be coming to new meadows, and after lunch, on to brakerstan, where we will, with good fortune and the luck of the dwarves, be in time for the evening trading circle, you remember last year when I showed up, just in time to win the contest for best hat? Perhaps we will do it again this time around. Eh boys?? said mr bedwig, he had always been proud of the beautiful flax and dragon skin hat band that had been past on through time out of mind from father to son in his family, the tuckertons sported a similar tradition, they handed down a mountain sheep horn bow, it really was made of yew, with the horn and sinew laminate wrapped around, it was a very powerfull short bow, not quite as...