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Very Informative essay about the show Seinfeld. Good comparisons to familar shows from the past.

Seinfeld ranks among the best situational comedies of all time. It has been compared to I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners, both of whom received praise for there pioneering works in comedy. But I believe that Seinfeld takes the term sitcom to another level. This is accomplished by exhibiting the many attributes of the show. Seinfeld contains many characteristics of a great situational comedy.

The reason why Seinfeld is a unique show is because of its coherence. This show has a variety of plots in one episode. Seinfeld takes these plots and relates them in some odd, but funny way. The other thing that is coherent in this show is the cast. I have not seen a cast that relate to each other so well since I Love Lucy. This shows cast resembles the cast of I Love Lucy because both casts have conflicting personalities.

In Seinfeld for example, George and Jerry's personalities are the exact opposite. George is a total neurotic, while Jerry has a take it easy personality. Same for I Love Lucy, Lucy is always the leader and Ethel is always the follower. Without coherence Seinfeld would never be where it is today.

Seinfeld is very original in the ideas they use for there shows. This is where the show starts to resemble The Honeymooners and there unique ideas. The Honeymooners' ideas were very unique for their time. Like the episode when Ralph had a fight with Alice. It was a ground breaking idea for the time, having a couple arguing and yelling at each other. Seinfeld, whose ideas are unique for its time, had its most famous episode dealing with a Soup Nazi. They called him the...