Seinfeld and George Costanzas negative values

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The television program Seinfeld, which airs on TBS daily at 5:30 and 6:00 p.m, consists of intricately devised plots and storylines based on negative American values. Values are defined as a principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable. George Costanza, one of the four main characters, best portrays this negativity through selfish actions and laziness to produce humor.

George Costanza is a short, fat, quirky bald man, whose career is based on a series of blunders which end either in getting fired or attempting to get himself fired. He does the minimum amount of work in order to not get fired, however, when asked to improve, he creates some disaster to get himself fired. His relationships fail because of his obsession with the incidentals in life. He can never get past habits such as physical appearance and the way people talk. He has broken up with a woman for a slight resemblance to one of his male friends.

These repeated failures in his life are caused by his laziness and selfishness, George's most prominent values.

George's selfishness is best seen through his attitude towards himself. Each and every episode there is a new woman he is attempting to date. These relationships all end with George not putting forth enough effort to work on his relationships because it doesn't benefit him. This is all true until he meets Susan Ross. Susan is an attractive executive at NBC programming and meets George when he attempts to co-write a sitcom. As George and Susan's relationship develops it becomes evident that he stays with her only for his own personal gain. George loves to been seen with this attractive and successful woman. George and Susan stay together until George gets tired of the mundane details of a serious relationship. George then...