Select 2 competing suppliers for the same goods or service. Critically evaluate their e-strategies and diagnose the definition of the market, the KFS and what the value to end user.

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The Internet now is not only a technical concept, but also a name of new era. "we're entering the era of business web, or b-web. The b-web is any system of suppliers, distributors, service providers, infrastructure providers, and customers that use the Internet as the basis for business communications and transactions (Kalakota & Robinson, 2001)". "The Internet is transforming the world's economy. Now physical world businesses must either adopt new digital strategies, launch new digital businesses to complement their physical world models, or be force to completely revise their strategies"(Rayport & Jaworski, 2001). Today "It seems there are all kinds of problems with shopping in cyberspace: late deliveries, credit cards that never get credited for returns and sites that crash or take too long to load. However, some online retailers loom above the rest. They are the superstars of Lois Geller's Semi-Annual Top 10 List of Great e-Shopping Sites.

These 10 sites include: 3., 6., at the mean time they are also included the top 25 most visited Web properties, at-home (Geller, 2000)". This paper is to explore the two of the most famous e-retailers of clothes field - and what their e-strategies and successful factors are.

As we know, the purpose of marketing is to seek customer satisfaction by delivering super value to the customers. So only, those who can meet customers' needs and wants better than competitors who will win eventually. In this paper, the study of the web sites of Land's End and Gap will focus on how these two companies gain competitive advantage in their online clothing shops and "how these eMarketers make increasing Internet users purchase their products online and attract those customers behind the scenes today (Davis, 2000)". Their backgrounds, e-strategies and...