Select three countries that you believe would be most conducive to a small business owner trying to break into a foreign market

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Visit US State Department web site at and select a region of the world that interests you. Select three countries from this region and read the material provided on that country. Select the country that you believe would be most conducive to a small business owner trying to break into a foreign market. Why did you select this country? Use the Internet resources to back up your choice. Be sure to cite your sources.

The three countries that I initially targeted for research were Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Based upon the previously completed assignment for this class, I eliminated Japan because of the difficulty of "cracking" their various systems and political dynamics. I also eliminated New Zealand because of the small population and associated opportunities. The country that appears most conducive for my small businesses success is Australia. The primary reasons for the choice are:


Government Type:Democratic, federal-state system recognizing the British monarch as sovereign.

Legal System:Based on English common law; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction, with reservations.

Economy:Australia has a prosperous Western-style capitalist economy, with a per capita GDP on par with the four dominant West European economies. Rising output in the domestic economy has been offsetting the global slump, and business and consumer confidence remains robust. Australia's emphasis on reforms is another key factor behind the economy's strength. The stagnant economic conditions in major export partners and the impact of the worst drought in 100 years cast a shadow over prospects for 2003.

Trade:Australia has the sixth fastest growing economy. More than 400 international companies have set up regional headquarters and operation centers in Australia, representing nearly $7 billion in new investment. They include Alcatel, AOL, IBM, NEC, Phillips, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Motorola and Canon.

My small business, a.k.a. USA Surfboards, is a storefront operation for...