Selection and Decision Making in Recruitment.

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For this assignment I am required to produce an information leaflet, for a newly appointed manager, which will describe how to plan for effective selection interviews in order to appoint the perfect individual/s for the job. My chosen organisation is Tesco who conduct different selection processes for different jobs; I will be concentrating on the floor manager of a Tesco store.

Newly appointed floor managers for my chosen organisation Tesco will have to plan ahead, communicate effectively and make discuss selection and decision making. One of the main things the manager has to do before the selection process even starts is prior planning, below is what the manager has to do before the interview takes place:

- The manager of Tesco has to plan prior to the interview; he/she has to select the interview panel. The manager of Tesco can select a supervisor and executive manager for the panel as these people are already working within the store and the manager doesn't have to go and get other human resources from headquarters which waste valuable time.

Having a interview panel is effective as it makes sure discrimination against the applicant/s doesn't happen and also the panel can check if the level of techniques such as communicational skills are used throughout all the interviews, it makes sure standards don't slip.

- Types of interview: The manager has to decide what sort of interview he/she will have to under take, considering in this case the manager is a Tescofloor manager he/she should only consider group interviews if employing staff on a large scale such as floor staff, (shelf stackers, costumer service assistance etc) this will save time as larger number of applicants are interviews quicker, however, having group interview means not all skills of an individual may be known to the manager...