Selection and Description of Organization

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Selection and Description of Organization

Sherry Liezl Crowe

MGT413: Managing Change

Instructor: Dr. J

Argosy University


July 30, 2014

Selection and Description of Organization

General Motors is a public company currently trading as GM in the New York Stock Exchange. The company was founded in Flint, Michigan, on September 16, 1908 and operates as a multinational company with a worldwide presence. GM has a total of 396 facilities located in several countries in six continents. GM produces, sells and distributes three automotive components including complete automobiles, automotive parts and Commercial vehicles (Andrew, 2005). The company has an online presence with a website, that highlights its services and general business to the public (General Motors, 2014).

General Motors organizational strategy begins from its corporate governance and business culture. The company is headed by Dan Ammann as its president, Mary Bara as its CEO and Tim Solo, the Board Chairman (General Motors, 2014).

These three significant leaders with assistance of eight vice president offices assume functional organizational theory. This theory demarcates specific tasks each vice president leader should manage in their specific duties to the company. Apart from leadership, the company has a significant presence worldwide. Its presence in approximately 396 countries with production factories represents GM's presence of motor services across the globe. Another significant organizational strategy is that the company through its research and development section employs constant innovation for safety and durable automotive products. Innovation is key to making automobile that is environmental friendly in terms of economic usage such as fueling as well as reduced carbon emission (General Motors, 2014). Vehicles purchase financing is also a unique organizational strategy. GM strategically finances vehicle asset for its customers to tap on customers who want...