Selection Tools for Human Resource Management

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Hiring for a supermarket can be difficult because there can be five people hired in the same day and only one is left at the end of six months. Supermarkets do not tend to pay high wages, starting out they typically pay minimum wage which causes people to get second jobs or find better paying ones. Most of the starting positions are occupied by teenagers so they are limited on availability and tend to leave when they go to college or when summer is ending. No matter who is applying I would need to consider some good selection tools to aid me in the process of hiring some good help for the supermarket I am in charge of.

The first tool I would use for hiring would be an application process; this will help eliminate anyone not qualified for the job. On a typical application form it asks for their name, age, qualifications, employment history, and schools they have attended.

It also will ask if they have a felony or misdemeanor which will help the application process. In the age of technology there is way to make applications faster and easier. In most supermarkets now there is an application station where the person applying can just sit down and fill out the form electronically. At their convenience they can fill the application out online as well by typing in the supermarkets name into the address bar and clicking on careers. After the application is in I go on our computers and review the applications and select one that I felt was most qualified for the position available. In this case I am hiring for a box person, who is someone that brings the carts in, bags groceries, and help customers to their cars. This position requires the person to be...