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When one were heading out in to the big world of adult hood ones choices were probably some think like this: for the men work, college (if one could afford it), and the military where as for the women may have been marriage, college, and the work that was left to women. So one chose as life directed him/her. One may have lost ones boyfriend off to war to never see him again or maybe one were lucky and would wait for him at the airport or pier to have him run and swoop you in his arms. One may have been the man who came back to find your sweetie in another man's arms. Whether one has lost someone or not, at a time of war everyone loses someone with its sorrow mutually felt across the country. Now, at this time there is the whole talk of women, and the selective service at times of draft.

Views on this subject tend to sway with people feeling like women should have the chance to fight for America which every woman does have that chance today. This chance is to fight in a war that only produces human cruelty. Women and men should not be forced to participate in such human cruelty.

There are many reasons women should not be drafted. The woman's body plays a great part to this reasoning. The opposing side takes the position against drafting women for reasons such as women of the age of 18 to 26 is a great baby making time for a woman's body. (stop the draft)Women who are past the age of 30 who give birth, increase in the new born having defects are likely. Such defects can even include Down syndrome with the possibilities going from one out of eleven hundred to at age 35 one out of three hundred and fifty newborns will have Down syndrome ( So, by this information women who have babies in their later years must be aware of miscarriages. Woman should not be in such selective services for reason being there is less time to bear a baby with today's social and economical goals of society. A woman who does go into selective services would come out of it, still needing to go to college for higher academic skills which would take more time. At which point soldiers would be in the same area of time that most women use to find a partner and settle down. Further more women in general tend to be the more emotionally verbal and sensitive in care. "Women generally fulfill more care-taking roles and would show more intensity in the emotions involved in this role, such as happiness, fear and sadness," researchers have said ( Care taking roles make a women be concerned with her duties and feel much more connected with them, being less connected with acts that stand for not caring. Such care-taking roles have little to do with the battle field of selective services.

Women have been taken for a ride within times of war in the military. "One-third of women in the military and 6 percent of men said they were sexually harassed, according to the latest Pentagon survey on the issue," says The Associated Press ( This takes sexual assaults to a new level when we even have records of them in war makes us aware of such animalistic behaviors that come with the surroundings. Such incidence should not be lost as Erica Razook, wrote a letter to the editor of The New York Times, which makes us aware of past incidents that have been ignored with his letter about two ground breaking bills that may be passed in the near future. If passed, the bill would serve justice for all those in Iraq who have been victims of assault, and had their predator walk away free ( His bill may make the case for why it is better in the future to have women sign up for the selective service. Though chancing such victimizing events why would one want to be in that sort of environment? People may be fighting a war, but the struggle that is continually on going is that between the predator and its prey. The predator being the assaulter and the prey being the victim makes such conducts sound as animalistic and raw as the action that takes place on a battle field with any misconception likely to be one's last step in life.

Some misconceptions taken for granted about women's reasons to join the selective service have to do with belittling the true problems that create women's emotions to splatter out. As that of seeing another die in front of you that you truly care for hurts all at a common place in the heart. If you truly think that a women's natural instinct to care for a weaker being somehow slips away when at war you have to be joking. For women handle the stresses of death at a different pace than men. Not saying women are weaker, No more so saying that women are cut out for a different job than killing. While a recent survey taken by The EdChange Multicultural awareness education awareness shows that 27.5% of women out of a study of college students report that they had been the victim of rape or attempted rape since the age of 14. Furthermore, out of the percentage of these rapes or attempted rapes 5% were reported to police (Multicultural Pavilion). These miss conceptions show the need for belittling a thing such as rape or emotion is what we as Americans seem to be all about.

The opposing view that women should be an option for selective services does have some truths. Women in the military can be placed on duties that have a less physically and emotionally harmful aspects. Also all people in military positions are put through intense training prior to being placed in the battle field. One could still question the aspects of operations and how thorough they are delivered at a call of draft. The areas of selective services may always have this question on what is right and wrong but the final outcome may be seen in our next generation.

Our next generation may see all the sides when considering women and selective services. They will be faced with looking at the details of a women's body when sending her in a direction that could make a future mother die. The next generation will be faced with people speaking out about their emotional problems that leave a prey with pains that go farther than just skin deep. The ideal placement during war that a woman can best benefit from may very well be what makes our next war time easier. So, faced up front we need to know our selves better about how women shape the next generation.

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