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Self - Psychoanalysis Personal psychoanalysis is the analylitical way to achieve understanding of one's own mental disorder and overcoming the disorder through probing the unconscious mind that leads to the understanding of human behavior that underlie some of the basic propositions of modern psychology. Through the understanding of events that happen of one's history you can make the reasoning of why that person the way they presently behave through the amount of evidence found. Psychoanalysis in term identifies the cause and effect in that person's lifestyle. We'll identify some cause-effect relationship from the understanding of psychoanalysis.

Personality is a trait that is observed from their behavior expressed. That observation can then be used as evidence to support the reasoning of why they behave in that particular manner. Behavior shown by the subject can then be identify in a scientific manner to show the cause-effect relationship in a psychoanalytic perspective. We'll psychoanalysis my personality to identify the cause-effect relationship of my behavior.

As a young child, I've always been isolated from other children due to my cultural background. My family believed that attending school is at most importance compare to other recreational activities because education was vital in their lifestyle. During most of my childhood, I would be doing other things other than going out with my friends and socializing. The lack of this recreational activity gradually made me feel excommunicated from others others. I feel that I have difficulty time in socializing and fitting in with a group of people. Sometimes this discomfort is easily relieved if I move to a different area without a crowd of people. I don't have a phobia that fears me of people. It's just that I feel like an outcast coming up to one's group and try to fit in the group. The...