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I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. If I wanted it, I got it. My mother only wanted me to have the best, a life she never had the privilege of having. I remember all of the other kids thinking that it was great that I had all this stuff, but the only reason I had any of these nice things is because my mother is a senior operator of a plant that required her to work sixty plus hours a week, and she felt bad because I literally had nobody to play with. I bounced from babysitter to babysitter, family member to family member, meaning I only saw my mom once a week. The only childhood memories I have is with all of these random people that I did not want to be around in the first place. Although my mom was usually gone, my parents taught me a lot about life.

Mom taught me the value of a dollar, while my "father" taught me to never be like him. "Hard work will get you anywhere you need to get to in life," was a saying that was nailed into my head since I was five years old. My family always expects the best from you, and if you mess something up in the least bit, you will be reminded about it for the rest of your life.

Growing up, I was the kid who you would find in the corner of a room with their nose in a book, or somewhere off by themselves painting or drawing. Sure, I played soccer and other sports, but I had a hunger to learn. A hunger to improve. When I was in fourth grade, I remember taking this test to see what reading level I was on. I...