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Informative Briefing Self-Assessment

For my presentation I chose a subject that I find particularly interesting, that being history. I am particularly interested in American history and especially the great depression. Because of this, I chose President Herbert Hoover, who I feel doesn't get his deserved place in history.

The biggest strength of my speech was the amount of information that I had on my topic. I had previous knowledge of my topic from history classes, and general interest in the topic. I also believe that my research was really strong and a good element of my speech. I believe that I supported everything that I said in my presentation.

The biggest weakness of my presentation was creating a connection to the audience. I chose a topic that was hard to make seem exciting to other people, and I failed to do so. I feel as though I lost the audience because my presentation turned more into a list of facts as opposed to being relatable and pertinent to the audience.

Clearly, I didn't choose the best topic for this assignment, and in the future I need to pick one that is more relatable and I definitely need to improve how I present the information.

I feel as though I provided a decent amount of pictures on my PowerPoint, but the overall look of the PowerPoint was incredibly bland and visually unappealing. I feel as though I didn't have enough written on the slides, which made it hard for people to follow what I was presenting. When I was creating the order (life, humanitarian work, etc…) it made sense to me because I knew all of the information, but I can see how it might be confusing for someone who didn't know the information. I sort-of jumped around, and...