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When trying to access one's learning style, it is important to identify the stages of personal development and how impactful these stages were. According to Thomas Hoerr, a writer for the Scholastic Parent & Child publication, "You can begin to see a preference for particular styles at around age 2. By then your child will most likely respond best to specific activities and types of experiences" (2; Multiple Intelligences). The easiest starting point that I can remember is my first formal introduction to education. In my case, I attended a private church-school called the Cornerstone Church Academy.

I was very familiar with most of the staff at the school as one of my parents was a faculty member. Due to the fact that I had two older siblings, it was necessary to attend the Academy a year earlier that I was supposed to. The setting for the academy was very formal and independent work was the norm.

On a daily basis, students would go to class and sit in a small desk with walls on all sides in about three feet of free workspace. Discussion of questions with other students was strongly discouraged to prevent cheating or an absence of actually learning the material for ones self. Most of the actual learning would take place as students read and worked through "paces" which were short workbooks that helped students apply what they were reading as they went through the information. I learned that I could learn the most of the necessary information by reading through the questions that were to be asked and then focusing my reading towards identifying those topics. This methodology helped me to hone my reading and comprehension skills at a very early age. This stage was predominantly beneficial to my independent studies skill-set.

The next critical...