Self-esteem In Group Counseling

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The intent of this research was to further explore the subject of self-esteem in group counseling. Two different articles were utilized; the first concentrated on the general influence of group counseling on women' self-esteem. The second discussed and explored adolescents' self-esteem and adjustment among mainstream and ethnically identified students.

The first article investigated the influence of group counseling on the levels of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and hostility utilizing three groups of adult females. The 3 distinctive groups were formed by middle class women, rural area women on social security, and urban setting women on social security. The logistics and lengths of the three groups were different from one another. The duration of the sessions fluctuated from six to nine weeks. A counselor was always present during the sessions in all the groups utilizing the "Tennessee Self-Concept Scale", a standardized instrument that provided a measurement of self-esteem. A pretest measure and a post test measure of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and hostility were acquired in each group and for every participant.

The results differed according to the social group. The women on group two, from the rural area and on government aid, showed a lower positive score than the other two groups but obtained a higher score on the post test. The women from the same group also showed a lower self-esteem and view themselves not able to meet the demands of their own environments therefore showing a need for change. The women from the urban setting on group three resulted less stable in their marital status but not ready for a personal change. This was due to the fact that these women attributed their status to the environment and not to themselves. The first group showed a minimal change between the pre test and the post test showing more stable lives...