Self Exploration 1: If I died Tomorrow...

Essay by sardiddle April 2006

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Learning Log Entry #1

About three months ago I asked my boyfriend, Seth, if he is satisfied enough with his life that he would be okay with dying the next day. He said that he would not be. He feels that he has not even started to live. His entire life is composed of work. Even on his summer break, he took a job working for Google, a job working for a professor and even started a business based upon an invention of his. He does not take time for himself just to enjoy life. I worry that he will never be content in life. I fear that these projects are merely a distraction from actually living. These projects have become his comfort zone.

Upon posing the same question to myself, I answered that I would be okay with dying tomorrow. I have made the most out of my life.

Even with the things that I have not yet achieved, I am content knowing that I will have died working towards them. On one hand, I would like all of my fantasies to become a reality. On the other hand, I do not want them all to become a reality. What would be the point of living? What would drive us to wake up in the morning? It is important to live your life as though you will die the next day. I guess in the end, it is important to want more than what you have, but also be happy with the way you are living your life. Dying with regret would be the worst punishment of all.