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Personal Essay By __________________ Instead of writing all about my self for this personal essay, I will instead write about what I plan to do after high school. One thing I plan to do after high school, is to apply to the Army Reserves so that I will have the monetary necessities to pay for my college education. The college I will attend will most likely be Front Range Community College until I can transfer to Colorado State University. In college, I will make my focus one related directly to business. After finishing college, I will try to find an employer that I can learn the "ropes", of being a self employed entrepreneur. What I mean by that statement is the first job I look for after college will be to work for someone who owns and runs their own establishment. I would like to work closely with someone who has owned their own business, so that I can learn how to better succeed in the field, when I attempt to enter it.

If I find owning my own business too precarious to my liking, I will change to a field that involves working for someone else but still contains elements of freedom and working for a profit.

To conclude my essay, I will share some of my life goals. One of my goals in life is to free myself from worrying about monetary issues that surround my personal life, (mortgage, repossessions, bad credit, unpaid bills, etc). I will accomplish this goal by making a large salary, or by using beneficial finance strategies. One goal I will pursue, at my leisure, is to record and publish several music albums containing recordings by me and several other musicians of whom I am aquatinted. The last goal I can think of...