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Self- Injury is a taboo topic in our country, and is hardly ever spoken of. There is a lack of knowledge and not many people know the long-term effects of self- injury or even know what the many different types of self-injury can consist of. Self-injury is a silent epidemic that is plaguing our youth. With enough awareness about self-injury and the reasons why people do it, it can be easily prevented. I chose this topic because it is near and dear to my heart, since the closest person to me is somebody that is deliberately hurting herself and is trying to deal with it. I think that self-injury is an important topic to discuss because it is a topic that is not widely discussed in our society and people are naïve when it comes down to it.

Self-injury first showed its signs when the Mayans used it for self-sacrifice.

They would mutilate their bodies and carve different patterns into their skin. They truly believed that this is what they needed to do in order to be accepted by their God. Although these are the first signs of self-mutilation in the history of the world, it was done for a completely different reason than the people who are participating in it today do it for.

Self-injury is simply defined as individuals that deliberately harm themselves. When self-mutilation comes to mind, most people think that self-injury only involves the individuals cutting themselves. Although that this is a common way for those who self-harm, there are many different ways that somebody can be injuring themselves. According to, other ways that people harm themselves include burning yourself, it can be hitting yourself or beating your body parts to create bruises, you can punch things and throw your body against hard...