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An individual who has inspired me to excel academically.

Inspiration followed by motivation along with hard work leads a person through the success path. Working hard to achieve specific goals comes through strong motivation and deep desire to achieve them. Motivation is driven by inspiration. Most of the people have role models who inspire and motivate them. More than one person has influenced me to be what I am today. My parents and teachers helped me realize the value and importance of education. My mom's determination in learning new things helped me increase my willpower. I appreciate education a lot more after I have seen her great respect for education. My father's own experiences and success taught me that formal education is one of the most important tools I can acquire for a smooth sailing in future. My best friend's hard work in school made me realize that one can accomplish anything with enough time and effort.

My brother's absolute dedication to gain knowledge and accomplish his goals inspired me stay committed and focused on my goals. Successful individuals like Albert Einstein, Srinivasa Ramanujam (a great mathematician), and other scholars always inspired me to be just like them. While these influences mean much to me and have contributed greatly to my development, they have inspired me only at particular times in my life and didn't alter my personality or me profoundly. When I was young, my dad was my hero in everything. In high school, my friend was a great inspiration. My transformation from a little girl to young woman brought me close to my mom in a special way and also set her as a guiding person in my life. In college I have learnt a lot from my brother. But, it is necessary to know a little...