Self-Monitoring in Iwakuni at NMCI

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I believe, some self-monitor person is particularly sensitive to cues concerning the situational appropriateness of his or her social behavior and uses this as guidelines for regulating and controlling their behavior and self-presentations. Although I think self-monitors may be self-serving, more self-monitors people are accommodating, responsive and cooperative. They may put on different "faces" for different audiences. I think this is more about controlling their impulses and reactions than it is about impression management in Iwakuni, Japan with NMCI.

Point of View

Some people may be low self-monitors out of choice and do not necessarily lack the skills to self-monitor, they simply prefer not to practice self-monitoring. Some of these people tend to see self-monitoring as lacking substance and genuineness and rather than see it as socially behavior, may think it a falsity. Some low self-monitors consider it more appropriate to allow their inner attitudes and dispositions govern their self-presentation and this regardless of where and whom they are with.

I think for this reason, this test also measures willingness to self-monitor.

Because of socialization, we tent act in a socially appropriate manner. Why social appropriateness has come to influence our behavior may differ from person to person. Although the behaviors deemed socially appropriate and the importance given to social appropriateness itself varies from person to person, any one living in this society requires a certain amount of self-monitoring.

Let me put this it this way, we are forced to separate what we feel from what we project is one that calls for self-monitoring. Whether we are at work, at a party, or simply walking down the street, when we experience feelings of frustration, boredom, sadness we often need to control their expression. How we want to monitor ourselves may depend on where we are...