The Self-Portrait Project

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The Self-Portrait Project

Conor: Welcome to The Conor Purdon Experience, I'm your host Conor Purdon. Today we will be interview Jennie Everyone welcome Jennie

Jennie: Thank You Conor.

Conor: So how are you with your family?

Jennie: Well, I have an older brother who likes to get me mad very often. I tell him almost everything. I trust him a lot and we have a lot of fun together, but when he gets me mad, its war.

Conor: How do you react to that?

Jennie: Well if my parents are home I will usual make is seem like he is bugging me a lot more than he really is that way my parents will yell at him or I'll end up going and sleeping it away.

Conor: Haha! That's really nice of you. What about your parents?

Jennie: Well I'm better with my parents than I am with my brother.

Ya, there are times when we fight but its usually good times at my house.

Conor: What are some of your personal values?

Jennie: Some of my values are: Loyalty, Sense of humour, Honesty, Physically active, and courage.

Conor: What are some of your habits, if you have any?

Jennie: I tend to collect a lot of stuff that I don't need and that usually ends up being thrown in a closet, I listen to music 24-7 but it's usually on when I'm not even in the room or it will be playing if I'm at school. Another habit of mine is sleeping with a light on.

Conor: How are you with your friends?

Jennie: When I'm with my friends its always fun. Since I'm outgoing I met people very easily. I have a lot of friends and a lot of variety of friends too. I'm with my...