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Included are four pieces of writing I have done this semester, my first year of academy. I feel they are my best pieces I have ever done in English language and represent the quality of my work as a whole. They consist of:

A letter for Cousin Harry

A memoir: my young dream

A film review: "Bowling for Columbine" by Michael Moore

A proposal research for cafeteria

My first piece is my "unsatisfying" piece. It is the letter I did for Cousin Harry. The reason for my dissatisfaction is I felt my story wasn't presented very well. Also, I felt my paper didn't have a real strong thesis or writer's voice even though it was interesting. I personally believe that was perhaps because of my first experience in English writing since I was in U.S.

"The memoir" I had fun creating it and I felt it evidences my descriptive powers and attention to the subtle differences of words.

My third piece, the movie review, is one of the best I've written. I thought I analyzed the film well and presented my analysis in a clear, focused paper. Writing reviews of films has become much easier for me over my first year of academy. I feel that I can write them much more efficiently and that they are more interesting to read. This may also indicate that as a person I think a lot more about the information I digest.

The final piece is a group effort. We decided to make a proposal about the cafeteria problem because we believed that was the major issue at St. Francis College. We were enjoying doing this project and I felt excited about talking to the students and hearing their opinions. I personally think we did a good job of presenting...