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Self-Reflective Paper

After finishing my BSC S2 studies at Les Roches, like the other students I was required to do an internship. I was offered by Tse Yang, a Chinese cuisine gastronomic restaurant, located in Geneva, operated a part of Kempinski as a waiter. After conducting the interview with Mr. Ensini who was the owner and the manager, I made my decision to take a part with Tse Yang as after my first internship at W Seoul, South Korea, as a front office trainee, I want to explore another major department of a hotel, which was F&B. As planning to pursue my career at a hotel, I want to grasp the feel, knowledge, and have insight about the various departments at the hotel to determine my career path and to see in which department I suit the most. This entity is located in the heart of Geneva where there is a lot of business and leisure people come and regularly, there are big events held in the area such as Geneva Motor Show.

It offers authentic Chinese cuisine with the spectacular view of lake Leman. My main responsibilities include being charge of drinks such as wine, champagne, liquors, and soft drinks. However, my duty further extended to serving guests, cleaning dirty dishes, taking care of special service of food such as carving and rolling the roasted duck in Peking style in front of the guest, and more.

Throughout my internship I observed there was a reoccurring problem, which was the lack of communication between the interns and employees as well as the employees and manager. When we had a special event, during the preparation we were instructed with vague information. Therefore during the preparation, we were unable to manage the time effectively, as specific details were often missed. For...