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With reviewing the Quantitative Reasoning for Business Overview document and taking a look at what it entails I am going to discuss how taking the QRB course will prepare me for future courses in economics, finance, accounting, operations, and research. This paper will show how threw a course in finance, accounting, operations and research will be related to economics.

The Quantitative Reasoning for Business Overview document has giving and shown the materials I will need for reasoning tools or skills in my upcoming classes. When looking at all the mathematical equation and the formulas along with the forecasting tools and all others it has been very knowledgeable in giving me an out look at what I will have to deal with in the business world in one of the fields above. This will help me become a mangers (if I want) to be more proficient at reviews or business course.

It has given me an in sight as to what to expect in the different fields and I really am thinking that I will be better off with this knowledge that I will get from taking this course. There is a lot of information in this document that I had forgotten and realized that I will be dealing with a lot of information in depth rather then just little by little. I feel that I am better prepared for the outside world knowing what I can expect in one of these fields. I thought that trying to figure out some of the question was sort of hard and I sometimes did them twice and still got the wrong answer. I hope this class and document will give me more in sight to what is really going on and prepare me for a management position in the field I want. The...