Self-service Supermarket and Discrimination Issue in America

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Self-service Supermarket and Discrimination Issue in America

Nowadays, all people around the world have known about the concept of self-service supermarket, a concept that makes the customers to get their own stuff they want to buy in the shelf and bring it to the cashier, and there is also a new concept about self-service checkout machines which provide a mechanism for customers to pay their purchases by themselves without the retailer's staff. In this era of developing technology, this self-service supermarket concept is a brilliant idea to make our life easier; however, believe it or not, self-service concept leads us back to the era of discrimination between powers and powerless, how it comes? And what are the essential benefits of the self-service concept? Is it really about making our life easier? What is the truly idea behind the making a concept of self-service system in supermarket? Is there any relation between the people who have power and not?

As the history of self-service supermarket, I have read a book (The Social History of the United States Series, Mass Consumption and Leisure: page 68) that said there is a debate concerning which American grocer was the first implement self-service shopping.

Some claim that the Alpha Beta Stores of Los Angeles, California, came first in 1912, but most of the internet said that self-service emerged in the year of 1916 in Memphis, Tennesee, by an entrepreneur named Clarance Saunders. He was the man who made this innovation concept into his grocery market, Piggly Wiggly. Piggly Wiggly's introduction of self-service grocery shopping revolutionized the grocery industry. This Sanders' idea was to answer the problem of slow process of shopping, because in the early days of retailing, the customers had to ask...