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Self Study 1. The traits about my self I admire most are I usually am able to listen to people and whatever they have to say, like their problems or ideas they may have. And also I can usually cheer people up when they are feeling bad about something.

2. I cant really always recognize my special qualities in my self, because there my qualities, so to my they aren't really that special.

3. I usually like others to be happy or in a good mood because then it makes me happy also, so I usually try to cheer people up or put them in a good mood. Some things I might do to try to bring happiness to others is tell them something funny to make them laugh or tell them something positive.

4. In my free time I like to do a lot of technical things, like things to do with cars and computers.

It can sometimes be costly. I afford it through working.

5. Something I look forward to is getting my car and driving.

6. The subject of my most frequent daydreams is what I would do in the future, my job my life when I get older.

7. Money is fairly important to me because without money I wouldn't be able to do a lot of things I like doing, money isn't everything but it's nice to have.

8. One of my career goals is working at a field I enjoy, and am interested in. To reach this goal I am taking classes in the fields I am interested in.

9. I don't really consider my self highly competitive, I don't think this will really affect me.

10. When I am alone I usually watch T.V. or go on my computer.

11. Some of...