Selfish? (A Poem About Suicide)

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Life was just so hard to bare she didn't know what to do.

She knew her mom would miss her, maybe even her friends would too.

But at times like these all you can think of is yourself, becuase it's just too hard to go to anyone for help.

No one understands, or even comprehends, That nothing can be done to put this girl on the mend.

So one day when it was quiet and no one was around, She wrote a note and placed it where it could be found.

She swallowed the whole packet, plus one more just to be sure.

She was certain that this was the only way. Her one true cure.

She laid her head upon the pillow for her final slumber, She looked so beautiful lying there, and couldn't be anymore humble.

She was found the next morning, all cold and still.

Nothing could be explained until they found the packet of pills.

When everyone found out, there was a lot of sadness and anger.

People were so hurt, and everyone blamed her.

This terrible thing that happened was a complete shame, But who in this horrific tragedy is really to blame? Is it the sad girl, or in fact the people causing her to be sad? Either way the ending still turned out horrifically bad.

For the answer to these questions, one must look deep within, For no one can be blamed for this terrible, terrible sin.