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Sell Thyself: How to write an effective resume

Adam Rangel

Azusa Pacific University

Sell Thyself: How to write an effective resume

If you know thyself how do you sell thyself? I am going to cover a few of the basics for effective resume writing. It is a crucial skill in the beginning of a new career or advancing in your current position. Most people fail to understand that the resume is the first interaction an employer has with a possible employee. If you do not effectively sell yourself to that employer you could possible lose out on a position to somebody less qualified. So let's take a look at what content you should use, the correct formatting to choose, and dos and don'ts of effective resume writing.

When preparing a resume you want to make sure you understand what job you are applying for and what information to include.

Make sure you read the job description that the employer has written. It details what they are searching for in their premium candidate. So make sure when you start adding info to your resume you match your skills to what they are looking for. You also want to list details that are only relevant to the job. You should research how the company screens its resumes. Some companies only accept resumes written following a certain format. If you don't follow that format your resume could be discarded. List your most updated personal information, along with relevant work experience, and education. You could also list other qualifications that are applicable to the position, like volunteer work or extra-curricular activities.

It's good to format your resume to advertise your strengths. You may use the chronological format, functional format, or a combination of both. The chronological format is the...