The Selling Of Pain (critical Analysis)

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The Selling of Pain In the article on "pain" health and pain are related because of self-denial. Many people believe that if you don't exercise to a laborious extent or eat right you will gain nothing. This is the belief that I feel has driven people to sacrifice their own desires, also known as self-denial.

Advertising in our society is now telling us that we should live a healthy life. I believe that advertising is using health to get our attention because it is a known priority in many peoples lives. Some advertisements even make a commitment to provide us and our families with nutritious products for a healthier life Self-denial, asceticism, and pain-as-pleasure or related because they all could mean the sacrifice of desires, strict exercises, or self-mortification. The author made an analogy in the article that is a perfect example of what these three words mean.

This analogy was: "I now walk down the aisle trying, not to satisfy my hunger, but to represent my colon." This could be pain-as-pleasure because he is not walking down the aisle looking for the cereal that he thinks tastes good. But he is walking down the aisle looking for the cereal that is healthy for his colon. The analogy could also be self-denial because self-denial is the sacrifice of ones owns desires. Here he is sacrificing his desire for what tastes good for something that is good for his health. Asceticism can be represented by this analogy because it is a type of mortification. In the analogy his desires were overcome and his will was strengthened. Not only could they all mean the same thing, but they all relate to the obsession for a healthy life and or body.

The desire to live forever is an outgrowth of the hippie movement. Just as the road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom the sacrifice of our own desires could lead to a healthier life. If the sacrifice of our desires leads us to a healthy life we will be one step toward living forever.

I feel that this article is really telling it like it is. It is true that some Americans eat not what they think tastes good, but what is healthy. I totally agree with pain-as-pleasure. Myself being a weightlifter I now that unless I feel pain my workout isn't doing any good. The same holds true for what I eat. If I don't take in protein I know that my muscle growth will decline. So I get protein out of certain foods not because I like them, but because I know that my muscle growth will increase. Therefore I am sacrificing my desires to eat what tastes good for what is good for my muscles.