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15 Selskar St.

Phone 053-45206 Wexford.

Fax 053-45207


Entrepreneur: Thomas O' Reilly

Business Plan

Table of contents

Introduction 3

Services provided 4

Products provided 5

The Market 6

Market sustainability 8

Swot analysis 9

Finance Section 11

Financial assumptions 12

Operating budget year 1 13

Cash flow forecast year 1 14

Balance sheet for year ended December 31st 2000 15

Operating budget year 2 16

Cash flow forecast year 2 17

Balance sheet for year ended December 31st 2001 18

Operating budget year 3 19

Cash flow forecast year 3 20

Balance sheet for year ended December 31st 2002 21

Appendices 22

Business plan

- Introduction-

Thomas O' Reilly established Renaissance Cyber Café in August 1999. Thomas studied Computer Science in Waterford Institute of Technology and received his diploma in 1995. Since then he has worked as a technician for an Amsterdam based web design business.

Now returning to Ireland to settle, Thomas is setting up his own business Renaissance Cyber Café.

Renaissance is situated in the prime location of Selskar St. Wexford, which is fast becoming Wexford town's central shopping area.

Renaissance offers its customers a wide range of computer services. It provides Internet access, Email accounts, Web page design and maintenance, printing and scanning facilities. Renaissance also offers an introduction to computing through evening classes in Microsoft Word and Excel and will show beginners how to use email and the Internet.

Our expert staff will advise and help select the right computer package for the customer by identifying their business or personal needs. We also offer an Allied Irish Lending & Finance finance package for customers who wish to pay in instalments.

Medium term goals are to expand the business by opening up additional outlets in Enniscorthy, Gory and Kilkenny. Long term goals are to become...