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[Identify concepts of leadership in the SEMCO case study and evaluation the effectiveness of Selmer's significant dictions]


Leadership is the person who has the ability to lead others or the way into effect on other people in order to realize definite goals. Nowadays, leadership is one of the most important subjects around the world. This in fact not just because the succeed in any company depends on the level's of its leader and his talent in leading the employees, but also because people need a leadership in their life everywhere and at any time, for instance, people in any country need a leader, any family need a leader, any successful sport team require a good leader, also any gang require a leader, and so on. 'Leadership is the process of motivating other people to act in particular ways in order to achieve specific goals' (Hannagan, T 2002 pg.37).

Now, from this definition we can remark that the term of leadership consists of three main elements; first, a group of people working or living in specific place. Second, a person from the group has the quality of personality which giving him the ability to lead the group. Third, a specific target which the group strive to achieve it. There are many theories which aim to recognize the leadership and the most important elements which affect it. The following are some examples of leadership styles:

The coercive, the authoritative, the affiliative, the democratic, the pacesetting and the coaching (1). In fact, we are not able to decide which of these kinds or other kinds are the best and convenient for the benefit of the work. This in fact because each company whether private or public has different people (employees, suppliers and customers) environments, culture, social,