This is semi-weak and dry look at the basic of two opposite views of how psychology is conducted.

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Psychology: Pandora's Box?

In the back of your mind you always are using psychology, always analyzing and using your subconscious to make up your mind. Science has tried to understand what causes humans to think and feel, what drives our actions. It has been divided into several sections all your feelings and thoughts are driven by physical things. Another faction believes all human behavior is driving by things underneath the surface and in the subconscious. We can look into it.

When you woke up this morning I have a feeling that you were tried and somewhat crabby. Your feeling of being irritated was caused directly by a physical thing, your hunger. People who believe in the physiological effects that causes personal problems and actions. They point greatly to the parts of the brain. Humans share parts of a brain that almost all living things carry these parts included the hypothalamus which controls various simple wills such as feeding fighting and fleeing.

Hippocampus controls memory creation. Thalamus is a distribution node within the brain, sending various information to the correct parts of the brain. All animals have these parts or something similar to them. What makes us human is the cortex made up of four lobes: the parietal lobe which controls taste touch and motor skills, the occipital lobe which controls the eyes and sight, the temporal lobe which controls hearing, finally the frontal lobe controls reasoning and higher thinking. Some doctors believe all human problems with feelings and emotions are caused by in balances in the brain. The best example is Phineas Gage; in 1884 a rail way accident caused an iron rod to go clearly through Gage's head. The rod tore Gage's thalamus and part of his frontal lobe. After the accident Phineas could not function in society,