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Something Simple

Now that I cook for myself, my diet is no longer made of the fruits and vegetables

that mom and dad made me eat along with a healthy glass of milk; it consists of pizza,

soda, and the most popular, Easy Mac. Who doesn't enjoy a nice warm bowl of cheesy,

gooey, tender noodles as a nighttime snack?

Ravaging through the kitchen cupboards late at night, searching for something to

eat, I notice a box. It has very distinct colors, blue with a bright yellow lettering, and its

calling my name. I snatch the box, look in, and notice there's only one lonely package of

macaroni and cheese remaining. I reach right in and grab that last packet, and then rush to


I reach directly into the cupboard and grab my favorite ninja turtle bowl, the one I

have used since I was six. Next, I open the top of the noodles package and pour them into

the bowl.

Then I walk to the sink and eyeball 2/3 of a cup of water into the bowl. I am an

expert at judging how much to put in by now. I watch the water splash against and

consume all the noodles, some of them even floating on top.

Even though this is all so routine for me, I always read the back of the packet to

see how much time it should be in the microwave--three and a half minutes. I pop the

door open and place the bowl on the glass plate in the microwave. I excitedly push the

buttons for the time and enter two and a half minutes on the clock, even though it's

supposed to be in there for three and a half, but our microwave is a new and quite


I sit in my chair, by the table, waiting for the timer to go off. My stomach is

growling and almost screaming for the food, and the smell of the Easy Mac is slowly

filling the air. I peer through the glass window to check-up on it and notice that the water

is almost bubbling over the edge. This is my last package. I take a gasping breath and

immediately slam my hand on the button to open the door. Eventually the water slowly

simmers down, and I allow it to return to cooking. DING DING DING. Finally, the loud,

piercing sound of the timer goes off.

I grab the bowl out of the microwave, tear open the little packet of cheese and

dump its entire content into the center of my mushy noodles. I grab a clean spoon and

mix the concoction together, knowing that soon my stomach will be quiet again. The little

chunks of cheese are carefully mixed together with the water and soft tubes lying in the

fragile bowl until the mixture is complete and the bowl is painted yellow, and the smell of

the cheddar is clear.

I hastily dig my spoon down into the pits of my creation and scoop up as many

noodles as I possibly can. My mouth encompasses the mixture as I chew happily and

swallow. I can feel the warm tenderness replenish my vacant stomach. Mmm, something

so simple and be so delicious. Easy Mac: the simple food.