Senior Citizen Driving

Essay by kidd913 March 2003

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Senior Citizen Driving

Have you ever been driving down the road and had to veer out of the way or slam on the brakes due to a clueless driver? Of course, everyone has at some time or other. How many times has that dense driver been a senior citizen? Exactly! Senior Citizens should not be allowed to drive at free will any longer without some type of proposal restricting or eliminating their driving.

Senior citizens are just causing to many troubles on the roads these days. They drive to slow when they should be going faster and to quick when they slow down. Their response time is not the same as younger individual therefore many accidents are going to occur just for that reason alone. They also have a way higher rate if death in accidents then the general population. Today's drivers 65 and over have the highest rate of accidents per mile in America.

We need to get them off the roadways so that not only are other drivers safe but them as well.

One possible solution that has been considered to cure the nations problem is to simply remove them from the road. This is how it would work. First, a proposal would be put into action that required the entire nation to widen each and every sidewalk in America. Next, all senior citizens would be required to pass an yearly exam proving that they could drive by the current standards. If for any reason the fail to pass the exam, the government would issue them a rascal scooter for use on the sidewalk. This proposal would be effective in removing senior citizens from the roadways of America, who cannot operate an automobile safely. To insure that every senior citizen has an equal opportunity to own a...