Senior Project on Hurricane Katrina The Economic Effects Of Hurricane Katrina and How It Could Have Been Prevented

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The economic effects of hurricane Katrina have cost the government lots of money. It was one of the costliest disasters in U.S. history. Hurricane Katrina was one of the sixth strongest hurricanes ever recorded. Katrina formed in late August during the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season and caused devastation along the north-central Gulf Coast of the United States. The storms sudden increase caused severe and life-threatening damage along the Gulf Coast and, finally flooded eighty percent of New Orleans. Many people died, and were stranded without water, food, or shelter. Several of the people living in poverty will have to start their lives over again, living with only hope and courage and with what people have to offer. The economic devastation of Hurricane Katrina could have been prevented if the Bush administration and government would have acted quicker.

If the Bush administration and government would have acted quicker and called for an evacuation a few days before, the economic devastation would have been prevented.

An increased number of people would have survived having enough time to evacuate the area, or to make plans to go live with other relatives in other states. The Bush Administration and the federal government could have also been more prepared by building the levee system to withstand a Category 5 hurricane storm, instead of building it with poor planning. The catastrophic erosion wouldn't have happened if better material was used, and the levees were completed in a timely manner. The material used to build the levees were taken from soil found in nearby locations to reduce the cost. If the federal government would have put more thought into building the levee system, the damage would have been reduced (

Numerous amounts of people were left unemployed, which has affected the economy, since fewer taxes have...