In What Sense, if any, Can Astrology Provide Insight into The Human Condition?

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Within this essay I am going to find arguments for and against astrology to provide evidence into the sense that astrology does provide an insight into the human condition. Astrology is one of the new age ways to predict ones future. Well according to newspapers and magazines, it is the way to predict what each sign is going to experience during a certain month, day or year. Astrology is represented by a star sign; each individual has a certain star sign that they are born with. In other words, we are unable to choose our sign. Some people take the study of astrology into a fanatic sense whilst others just carry out there life's according to what each star sign holds for them, throughout a certain duration of their life's. Most teenagers and other age groups read their astrology in magazines but we all know that they are not so accurate.

Everybody knows their star sign - whether or not they believe in astrology, or, indeed know anything about it at all: and nobody, however cynical, can resist turning to the 'stars' page in newspapers to see what it says about them. It is one of the commonest collective themes in life, and a day seldom passes without astrology, the zodiac, or the stars catching the attention - either as a design motif, in advertising, on TV or in conversation. (D, Barret (1994). Why would there be all this interest if there was nothing in it? Yet, can we really take it seriously? However, astrology has a much deeper meaning and consists of several philosophical ideas. The reason that astrology permeates our lives is that it is an ancient divination system that has been with us for centuries - so much so that is has become part of our cultural...