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Finding a Separate Peace

Peace comes at the price of either a great struggle or sacrifice. In reality peace is attained when one is able to beat the enemy, or if the enemy beats you. In the book, A Separate Peace, written John Knowles, the biggest debate would be whether Gene Forrester succeeds in finding peace. In addition to the physical world war happening at the time, Gene also has to fight his own war against the underlying emotional dilemmas that are presented to him. I believe that Gene Forrester is able to find a separate peace because Phineas finally got mad at him and accepted his mistake.

Gene Forrester finds a peace because Phineas finally accepts the mistake that Gene had committed. Gene fights his internal struggle the wrong way causing negative feelings of envy and jealousy against his best friend.

He then completes the task of getting revenge at him by pushing him off the tree, which ends in Phineas breaking his foot. This is a temporary relief for Gene because he removes Phineas's athletic talent. Gene then realizes his guilt and tells Gene that it was him that pushed him out. Phineas adamantly states that it could not have been him and tells him to get out of the infirmary. After this event Phineas states "[p]eace had deserted Devon" (72). This was the moment when Gene realized he was very guilty and the fact that Gene did not accept his fault inclined his guilt.

Gene realizes his guilt after it is proven to Phineas that it was Gene who caused the fall. This happens in the last few chapters in the book when there...