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The movie Separate But Equals is centered on a true story of one of the biggest law encounters . The movie is based on year 1905. At this time, the Americans were divided into two racial groups: the white and the black. All social areas like hotels, restaurants, buses, trains, and schools even drinking junction could not be shared between the two different races. Although slavery era had finished and wiped out completely by the law for almost a century separation was legal. The dramatically events unfolded from a small rural class.

In the 1950 black children used to walk around six miles just to get to their segregated school. One day a father of one of the students who was a mechanic by the name Harry Biggs got enough of the separation rules. He was concerned about his young child who always came back home tired to do his homework.

His child had to walk from his home to school and back every day. Seeing the suffering his child was going through, proposed to the school to provide a school bus that could carry the children. His request to the school was denied very quickly and rudely. This resulted into a bitter battle for equality and justice for the blacks' children in the Supreme Court.

A legal court is brought forward by a NAACP lawyer Thurgood Marshall by his role Sidney Poitier. The NAACP vigorously fight for the civil right of the blacks. His opponent John W. Davis plays the role Burt Lancaster. The Supreme Court was led by the Chief Justice Earl Warren. John was also involved in a lawsuit before regarding the enslavement of the black a century ago. These two lawyers argue with passion and eloquence before the Supreme Court regarding the case.

After the...