Separating California Through Education

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The state of California's public school system is currently in a

state of total desperation as we now find ourselves struggling with

the economic slashes of Governor Arnold Schwarznegger's budget

proposal which severely cripples the revenue allocated to our public

schools. With California's rising population of students we are now

desperately trying to accommodate for their arrival. But with these

drastic limitations it is becoming more and more difficult to provide

our students with the vital resources necessary for the preparation

of our future California working force, and ultimately our global

economy. According to California state treasurer Phil Angelides

he, "believes strongly that our economic strength in the future will

be based in large part on the investments we make today in the

education of our young people." His beliefs, though once thought of

as the educational norm around the United States, are now felt with

little optimism in the eyes of Californians as we now face diminished

educational institutions that are constantly struggling to provide

adequate education while sacrificing programs and resources which

promote both ethnic diversity and higher levels of self esteem.

These programs include sports, arts, counseling, and university

outreach programs.

According to our governor this sacrifice is necessary. To

fulfill his "no-tax" pledge to the people of California it is

necessary to make these cuts at the expense of the California student

population. But what is now emerging is a state whose public school

system is slowly evolving into a collection of private institutions

as they are now forced to find ways to generate their own revenue to

make up for their growing losses. Furthermore, it is widening the

gap between the low and mid class citizens with the upper class, as

poor, underprivileged school districts are scrambling to provide

resources that stay current with...