separation of church and state

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Omar Shafei

Sr. Sarah


7 October 2014

Debate of the Separation of Church and State

America was created and established as a religious country, to come and practice your religion freely. Although the main religion at the time when America was created was Christianity, now a days the cultural and religious sects are diverse. The world identifies three main religions and all three have different beliefs present in America. Back in the day when the United States was established it had Christian roots, and the government today is a result of this. Now, should the United States have a theocratic based government in today's diverse society? The answer to that is clear and obvious: no. This is not fair to the other practicing religions that feel that Christianity is being favored in America. A theocratic based government is creating inequalities between religions, and would go against our democratic ideals, and lastly America was created to prevent religious divisions.

Having a theocratic government integrated in the American society causes inequalities between the Christian faith and other religions. The three main religions in America are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Jews and Muslims, and other less-known and followed religions, can argue that it isn't impartial that Christians have more of their religion included in the government when all three religions along with unaffiliated or atheists populate the United States. In a demographic census taken in 2007, 78.4% of US citizens are Christian, 1.7% is Jewish, and 0.6% is Muslim. If you add those numbers you're still missing about 16.1% which makes up the Atheist/Agnostic population (Source1). You have all these diverse religions are beliefs prevalent in the United States, so why have the government a Christian one. If you live in America you expect to live in a...