A Seperate Peace

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In the coming of age novel, A Separate Peace, Finny's fall from the tree serves as an integral part of the novel's plot as well as turning point for both Finny and Gene. My views on this particular accident is that Gene's role in Finny's accident was of minimal proportions, it was not premeditated, also Gene's thoughts prior and after the accident were of human thinking, not evil or mean. Gene's role in Finny's accident was a misunderstanding. Gene's actions were not premeditated and were simply committed on impulse. Last, the thoughts of Finny's best friend were simply of regret and disapproval of what he was thinking.

First, my view on Finny's accident, was that he was walking a thin line. For example, "This was the first of many rules which Finny created about the Super Suicide Society, I hated it. It showed Finny, had created many rules, which everyone abhorred.

He was a very bossy type of guy, especially when pushing Gene to the extreme, just to accomplish the jump. Also, " Finny had deliberately been set out to wreck my studies. All of this built up to some thing greater, when Gene failed his French examination and his Trigonometry test just because of Finny pressuring him into things, which he disliked. His main role was just to keep Finny away from his stupid ideas and daring attitudes. It was not that, Gene was jealous of his own best friend. In the next paragraph, the discussion of Gene's actions were not premeditated will take place.

Secondly, Gene's actions were not premeditated because he would have committed the crime before he got to the tree. It was basically an impulse, which everyone gets around something tall, rigid and scary such as a tree. For example, "I could have been killed. Finny had practically saved my life," this quote illustrates Gene's approval and recognition of Gene's friendliness. He more over liked him to be his best friend, therefore, it was not premeditated. Also, "I deliberately jounced the limb so you would fall off" gives a sense of guiltiness but at the same time shows his inner side that, he rather be blamed than Finny's balance. It portrays to me that he was covering up for his guiltiness for letting Finny up in the tree and that he could have avoided it, if he was never up there. It was an impulse, that is what happened when Gene and Finny were up in the tree because they had taken a swim before jumping off the tree. Therefore, Gene could have slipped and maybe jounced the limb accidentally. Gene is just a misunderstood academic boy, who does not know how to answer to his innocence.

Thirdly, Gene's thoughts of Finny before and after the accident are only humane. He was thinking of Finny's outgoing nature at the beginning and after, he was thinking of his innocence being named guilty for Finny's accident. This quote "I'm his roommate and I'm his best friend" shows his thoughts of friendship and his honour towards Finny. After the accident, a role of denial and remorse, that his best friend was ever in the accident was in play. Gene had implied that, he should have been in the accident rather than Finny. For Finny, the accident symbolized his death because, he was unable to do sports and other extracurricular activities. He was torn apart when Gene kept repeating that, he was unable to play sports. Also, in a way it symbolized a new life because he told Gene, that if he could not compete in the Olympics, Gene was going to compete for him. For Gene, this also symbolized death. It was a confusing accident, which made everyone mad at Gene. Soon, Gene was symbolized as a deceptive, informal bad guy. This is a very bad perception; it is not true because Gene's and Finny's friendship was strong and unyielding.

In conclusion, Gene's role in Finny's accident was mistakenly caused by outside forces beyond Finny's control. Gene's actions were on impulse, not premeditated because of their flourishing friendship. Thirdly, Finny's bestfriend's thoughts before and after the accident were of humanly concerns. The symbolization, which both Gene and Finny shared in common were death or not wanting to be seen because of what bad things had happened to both of them. Last, but not least, Gene's is innocent no matter who comes to a conclusion because Finny was his best friend and Finny never blamed him for his accident. To conclude this, Gene's innocence in Finny's eyes, was the right way to view this particular accident.