"A Seperate Peace" by John Knowles.

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Character Analysis

Gene Forrester is the novel's narrator who, while reminiscing back, tells briefly about some of his time at Devon School and about his best friend Phineas. Gene is about five feet eight inches tall and isn't exactly into sports. After meeting and befriending Finny he is driven somewhat by jealousy, to start competing in sports (mainly to beat Finny). Gene is young man who is very intelligent he is a very hard worker, especially when it comes to his schoolwork. He always studies for tests and does all his homework (unlike Finny who doesn't try as hard). Gene is usually the type of person who follows rules and is a model student but, when he is with Finny he begins to bend and break rules. Gene is a very jealous person, and his idolizing of Finny almost becomes an obsession. Gene's jealousy is so strong that he intentionally tries to injure Finny, his best friend, just to be better than him.

Phineas is the best friend of Gene who inadvertently drives Gene to become obsessed with beating Finny in anything. Phineas, or Finny as his friends called him, was about the same height as Gene however he was much more muscular. Gene's and Finny's looks differed quit a bit other than muscles. Finny was a very good-looking young man with blue-green eyes and brown hair. The two boys differ in aspects other than looks as well. Finny was very athletic and won many awards in sports contests while he attended

Devon, his philosophy was that everyone wins at sports and he just happens to be particularly good at them. Finny is so into sports that when he breaks his leg he begins training Gene for the Olympics, making Gene his protégé. Finny doesn't like to...