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Throughout the years there have been some controversy concerning the understanding of separation between church and state. In order to understand more about this topic we had to learn, in depth, about the thoughts of separation of church and state. We were required to write an Evaluative essay while doing a group project. The group project was concerned with their opinion if they were for or against the separation of church and state, therefore we created signs to promote the idea of combining the church with the state. An essay that I read however, was for the separation of church and state, and within the essay, it had ideas concerning the topic. Yet with the group project it provided information on other people's beliefs linking the topic of separation of church and state. This essay exposed not only to the persons ideas about this topic, but also shown to other ideas which created more concern towards this topic because it involved in the group project.

In order to really recognize how well this assignment helped the person understand the opinions behind the separation of church and state this person had to investigate how well the group project incorporated with the individual essay itself. Reading this essay, I have learned that integrating both a group and individual project can provide not only a purpose of understanding, but it also provides the structure and organization that can aid you to comprehend just who is involved with this controversy.

People have different opinions and people have different beliefs that they follow because they believe that is the correct way of life. Having read about the separation of church and state, I understand better now about the different beliefs that people have concerning this topic. In the essay that I read, the...