Seperation of Church and State

Essay by ShangDragonHigh School, 12th grade March 2006

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Separation of Church and State is something that really strikes a chord with me. It's probably the best thing about our country that I like. I just like the fact that in our country you can choose what you want to practice or what you want to be in life, instead of like in some countries where you are forced to do something or believe in something you think is wrong. But it upsets me when people start to form stereotypes of people just because of what someone believes and especially if they look down on someone because they are not part of the "majority" and then they try to convert them. And it just seems that everything is becoming more and more religion orientated. So naturally I am upset that the one thing that is supposed to be free of these biased views and all religious gung-ho (our government) is now becoming infested with it.

It's even to the point now that Republican is synonymous with religious. I was talking to my friend's little brother the other day and the only thing he knew about the parties was that the Democrats lost the last elections and all Republicans are catholic! And it goes both ways, the church is being corrupted to. It's to the point that you have preachers on TV praying for openings on the Supreme Court, and instead of helping out the community the preachers give an hour long sermon on why you should vote Republican or why Clinton is evil. "A union of government and religion tends to destroy government and degrade religion." Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, Engel v. Vitale. But what really gets me is when they bring it into school.

School is supposed to be a place where you are taught...