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beast, the largest strongest mightiest beast you've ever seen. A dragon, not an ordinary dragon but a dragon with a chest as hard as steel. His teeth like fangs of a rattlesnake. The king who this dragon pestered was King George. He had tried almost every thing, calling on the best knights in England. He even tried to defeat the beast himself. The reason the King wanted the dragon slain was because the beast ate the AAAAAAA, the sound of horror, caused by a children, livestock, wrecked castle walls, towers, and houses. The King was pretty fed up with the dragon. After 12 years he decided to send a messenger boy out to find a brave knight once more. Hopefully this knight will be the one who will defeat the mighty dragon. While the King was waiting for the messenger to return, the dragon attacked and destroyed the main tower and 34 small houses.

The dragon left as soon as he broke the main tower. The castle was in rubble by this point. The King had the wall rebuilt as fast as possible. The next day the King commanded the workers too build the biggest spear launcher they could, as fast as they could so if the dragon attacked they could spear him. When the king was staring in the distance he say two small dots on top of the hill. When the two objects got closer he noticed it was the messenger and a large strong looking knight riding a white stallion. As they rode in the front gate all the workers stopped working and stared, as if they didn't think this knight would defeat the dragon.

"Good day brave knight." "Good day to you Princess." While dismounting his stead the King rushed over to greet the knight which said "Good day your majesty". "Good day to you. Do you know what you are up against Knight?" "No I don't sire, may you elaborate please?" "Well all I can say is you are against the strongest biggest dragon on this side of England. With an iron chest, which cannot be penetrated." "Sounds like a challenge" said the knight. "You're not scared?" asked the princess. "No not really princess." "You're so brave." "Enough talk, saddle up and do what I'm paying you for." "Goodbye your majesty and princess." He rode towards the death cave as the knight came in sight of where the cave was suppose to be. All he could see was a waterfall. Then he realized the cave was behind the waterfall. The knight kicked his horse in the flanks and charged threw the waterfall. He saw the dragon, pulled his sword, struck the dragon's chest with a great blow, but the sword didn't leave a mark. The dragon quickly struck the knight and stead flinging the two out of the cave leaving the horse dead and the knight shaken the dragon jumped out of the cave very aware of what happened. Ready to kill but so was the knight, the dragon swung his tail, but missed by an inch. The knight ran towards the dragon cutting the tail off and making a slit in the stomach killing the dragon. The knight won the battle, the one who defeated the beast. He picked up his sword and walked towards the castle. When he arrived he collapsed on the floor. Two months later the knight now known as Prince Charles married the princess.

The End